House 7-2 Middle Ages Research Project

Research Project Links:

Keystone AEA Online Resources This site links to World Book Online,, EBSCO, and Power Media Plus. A great resource! You've got questions? They've got answers! A great place to do some searching.

General Middle Ages Information:

Black Plague :

Insecta-Inspecta Black Death

The Middle Black Plague

Mr. Dowling's Black Plague



Castle Wales: Life in a Castle

Castles in the Middle Ages


Middle Ages Exhibits: Clothing

Middle Ages Exhibits: Entertainment
Middle Ages Exhibits: Feudalism
Knighthood, Chivarly, & Tournaments
Life in the Middle Ages:

Middle Ages Exhibits: Town Life

Middle Ages Exhibits: Home

Middle Ages Exhibits: Health

Camelot Village: Medieval Life

Middle Ages Exhibits: Religion
Torture in the
Middle Ages:
Kidz World : Torture Devices

Long Bow


Medieval Weapons

Women in the
Middle Ages:
Camelot Village: Women


Research Project Ideas:

Construction/Art Projects:

Build a replica of a castle
Build a catapult or battering ram
Make a coat of arms
Make the armor and weapons of a knight
Create a painting in the medieval style
Make a stained glass window
Design clothing or a costume from that time period
Create a battle shield
Create a herald's flag
Design pottery: mold a bowl, plate, mug, jar, etc.
Make wood carvings, utensils, farm tools, bowls, toys, etc.

Dramatic Presentation:

Dramatize a day in the life of a serf
Through a skit or video, explain to a student of today all about medieval dress
Make a coat of arms
Create a TV newscast from the middle ages with headline stories, weather, and sports.

Multimedia Presentation:

Give a multimedia tour of a castle
Using images from the Internet, give a travel guide to the castles of England, Scotland, or Wales.


Present live or on videotape:
Medieval Sports
Children's games
Castle warfare tactics
The clothes and dress of different medieval classes
Medieval Food
Medieval Medicine
Play a sampling of the music of the middle ages.

Writing Assignments:

Write a short story that contains medieval characters, a conflict, and a resolution (i.e. a noble quest, triumph of good over evil, etc.)
Diary of a noble lady or a cloistered monk
Letters from a university student in London to his parents.
A medieval newspaper with want ads, news stories, weather, editorials, obituaries, and sports.

A Final Note:

These projects are only examples.

You may choose one of these ideas or create your own.


House 7-2 Middle Ages Project Important Dates:

February 26-27, 2007: Discuss topics and practice using source cards/note cards in Mrs. Escalante's or Mrs. Ferry's class.

February 28 - March 2, 2007: Research in LRC with Mr. Meier/Mrs. Ferry and Mr. Deutsch. They will check your source cards and note cards.

March 2 & 5, 2007: Work on outlines and bibliographies in Ms. Weber's class.
She will check your outline and bibliography.

March 7, 2007: Begin presenting projects to homebase during Read Time.


House 7-2 Middle Ages Project Rubric:

Projects are due on Wednesday, March 7 will be graded by your homebase teacher.

Your score will be shared with all your teachers and your score for the project in that class will be determined by each individual teacher.

Preparation: 15 pts.
Reading Strategy (3) Completed
Source Cards (3) 3 source cards 2 source cards 1 source card
Note Cards (3) Completed 20+ Completed 19-15 Completed 14-10
Outline (3) Typed with correct format Typed/Handwritten. Correct format with few mistakes. Typed/Handwritten. Format has flaws.
Bibliography (3) Typed with correct format Typed/Handwritten. Correct format with few mistakes.

Format has flaws.

Project: 18 pts.
Neatness & Effort x 2 Project constructed with maximum effort. Project constructed with average effort. Project constructed with minimal effort.
Quality x 2 Excellent Good Poor
Creativity x 2 Creative and innovative. Somewhat creative. Not creative
Presentation: 17 pts.
Volume Appropriate volume
Not heard
Enunciation and Pronunciation
Done correctly Not Completed
Reading at a normal pace and is easily understood. Reading is too fast or too slow to be fully understood.
Verbal Pauses
Pauses are given in during presentation. Verbal pauses are never used.
Eye Contact
Given fairly consistently Never given to audience.


Behavior is appropriate. and attention is given to presenter.
Presentation Length 2+ minutes 1-2 minutes under 1 minute

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