7th Grade Photosynthesis Webquest

What is photosynthesis and
why is it important??? What could
such a big word have to do with you?
Does it really affect you and your daily life?

In this project you will learn all about the complex process of how plant cells get their energy from the sun. This process is called photosynthesis. Your group has been assigned a very important task and challenge! Read on to find out how your learning about photosynthesis could save the world!!!

You live in the country of Maxomania. The dictator of your country is named Max. Max's favorite season is Fall. He has asked a group of environmental advisors to build a shield that will block the sun's rays for 20 hours of every day. Because of the threat of global warming and the increased rate of skin cancer, the environmental advisors think that having one permanent season of Fall is a great idea. They think it will be a great new way of life for the people of Maxomania.

You and the members of your group have decided to develop a presentation to give to Max and his advisors that will argue against the idea of the shield. You realize that a permanent Autumn will have disastrous results on the earth. In order to present your belief convincingly you must be able to teach Max and his advisors about the process of photosynthesis and why it is so important.

Photosynthesis Links
Below are some of the resources you will need. You can also go to Google, Ask.com, or Yahooligans to search for more photosynthesis information.


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